Backpack Harness | DUCK
Backpack Harness | DUCK

Backpack Harness | DUCK

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About this product:

Compact and cute duck cartoon animal design, making your baby more attractive. Our backpacks with safety leashes are explicitly created for those independent children who like to carry their things with them. At the same time, allow parents to have them under supervision at all times. Also, this little backpack is perfect for school, since it is much space for children to store all their belongings, especially for our kindergarteners or preschoolers. The shoulder straps can be adjusted; plush straps better care for the child's growth. The item includes a backpack with a duck design with compartment, child's wrist strap, and safety harness. 

EXCELLENT QUALITY: Made of premium soft plush material, which is skin-friendly and non-toxic. High-quality zipper design, not easy to damage and protect your kids from harm. Shoulder straps can be adjusted, plush straps better care of the child's growth. 

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: This item is gorgeous since it is created with a unique design. The super pretty lightweight backpack makes your children easy to carry. You can buy it for your children, and they will like it. The item is also designed with the pull rope; it prevents the baby from getting lost in the street. 

VERY SPACIOUS: Compact and large capacity, enough to put school things for your children, such as books and pencil-boxes. There is plenty of room inside for snacks, toys, kettles, and more; it's an excellent gift for your kids.

This backpack can be used between 1 year and up. By giving children freedom, but protecting them at the same time, you will make your children independent. That's why our chick backpack design has a detachable harness, where parents can hold it to prevent children from getting lost, especially between the crowd and the supermarket. Adjustable shoulder strap with locking buckle, can prevent the bag from falling during intense exercise and reduce shoulder pressure. The back with sponge and mesh, shock resistant and breathable, offers children a more comfortable feeling. Our product is perfect for parents and children and an easy way to keep your child safe. 

You will not regret buying it!