Why spending time with your kids is important?

Our children grow at incredible speed, and when we least expect it, they have already left behind another stage of their development. From being newborns, they become babies, and from being babies, they become children, until one day, we realize that they are already preteens.

Creating an emotional bond with children is not enough. The important thing is to keep it over the years and, day after day, work to strengthen and strengthen it while strengthening this union. And what is the best method for this? The answer is clear: spend time with children and do activities with them, from play to the practice of some sport.

The game is crucial as it promotes health, as it helps to stop sedentary routines in children, and favors the development of different skills. Also, playing helps children adjust to school settings and even improve learning readiness, learning behaviors, and problem-solving skills. These activities strengthen the structure and function of the brain and promote service.

That's why we give you a list of activities you can do with your children:

1. Go outside to play outdoors
2. Ride a bicycle during your free time
3. Visit museums or parks
4. Practice the sport of your choice with the little ones
5. Take a walk

Do not miss the childhood of our children, because tomorrow, this will be over and the time we share with them during those years, will depend on the kind of relationship we have when they are teenagers and adults. Let's enjoy and share time with our children today.