How to show love for your children without words?

When there is love, words are leftover. Our actions are usually more important to show that we love someone. In the case of paternal love, we do it all the time. Some mothers do not speak to their children before they are born but take care of them with love since they know of their existence.

Showing love without saying a word is an act of great value. Children not only need to hear that they are loved; there are other ways to express our affection. However, it is not just about caresses and hugs; Let them fly, support them in their decisions; they are also demonstrations of love.

Likewise, things we stop doing can help show love. To love, it is necessary to respect the other, act justly, and understand their behavior. Sometimes our mistake is in pretending that the children copy us excellently and are equal to us.

When we act with selfishness, we harm them without touching them and without speaking to them. That is, without words, we can also hurt; Without acting, we can still give love. There are many ways to love and be fair. We need to tell our children that we love them, but sometimes without words, we say more.

1. Educate with love.
Home education happens every minute. Every day the child learns new things for him, he can discover them, or we teach them. This education must be loving because it is the best way to learn.

Through emotions, children memorize and understand better. If he was wrong, let him make mistakes, always showing that you love him even if he is not perfect. Showing yourself unhappy about your error is not proof of love, on the contrary.

Similarly, if we solve all your problems, we limit it in your actions, this is not exclusively loved. The child needs to know the feelings of frustration so that he values ​​the support we give him in return.

2. Become your main fan
Words of encouragement are enriching for children. However, expressing support is not only done through flattery. Accompanying him in his activities is an excellent motivation for him. Show your admiration for his triumphs; do it with your presence, hugs, and applause. The words of encouragement are useless if you are not present in the critical moments of your life.

3. Build trust
Some people ask us to trust them, but they don't honor this request. Let's avoid making this mistake with our children; we gain their trust. One way to do this is by opening up with them, telling you our experiences can unite us a lot.

Teach them to overcome obstacles as you did. Guiding them in conflict resolution gives you a tool for life. Let your child know that you also made mistakes and amended them creates confidence in you and themselves.

Do not forget that you are their role model
The example you give your child may be the best gift he will receive in his life. Let's try to make that example last and worthwhile. Showing him how to follow our hearts and practice values ​​is also a way to show love.

Words do not teach as much as the example. Without the need for sermons or incessant repetitions, they will learn from the experience. Some people claim that at some point in the lives of our children, their parents are their heroes. If so, it may be the stage where we most influence them. Let's take advantage of this condition to teach them everything we can.

4. Love it without conditions
Although it seems that our love is understood, sometimes we bother with children or show no affection. They must be clear that we love them even when they are not misbehaving.

Nor should we wait for them to do something right to reward them or flatter their qualities. Love must be demonstrated as something inevitable, which arises without planning. It is crucial to fight for the bonds of love to be strengthened day by day.